Year 5/6 Curriculum update - Autumn 1

During this half term, our first theme will be Crime and Punishment. During this unit we will be finding out about crimes - and the punishments that were issued for them - throughout history, from Roman times right up to today. At the beginning of term, we will be using an online world to explore a bank robbery in the Wild West, and using the witnesses evidence to write a newspaper.

Later in the term we will look at how the justice system has changed since the Romans came to Britain, as well as finding out about the 10 key periods of History:

  • pre-History
  • Roman Britain
  • Anglo-Saxon Britain
  • Viking Britain
  • Medieval Britain
  • Tudor Britain
  • Stuart Britain
  • Georgian Britain
  • Victorian Britain
  • Modern Britain

The children will even be trying to learn the dates of each period!

Our English focus will be on the skill of Writing to Inform, where we will consider the sorts of language, grammar and word choices help us to convey informaton to a reader. Alongside this, our class novel will be Holes.

The first work we undertake in maths will focus on place value, looking at larger numbers of 5 and 6 digits, or more. We'll also move on to look at using the four operations (+ - × and ÷).

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