Ofsted Report April 2016

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Dear Parents/Carers,

If you follow the link below,

Edgewood Primary & Nursery School - Ofsted Report 2016

you will find the report from our recent Ofsted visit.  I am so proud to be able to tell you that the inspection team agreed that our school is officially now a good school.

They were so impressed by the pupils work, behaviour and their confidence to speak with them and welcome the team into our school.  The pupils responses to the team were amazing and reflect the positive environment you can feel around school, which is always commented upon positively when I show visitors around.

As you can read in the report, they have singled out a few key areas the school needs to work on as we move towards being an outstanding school and I am pleased to say that all of these areas were things that the school had already identified and that we are already working on.  Over the rest of this year we will share more about these new goals with you as well as how we will achieve them.

I’d like to thank all of you who spoke to inspectors or filled in the Parent View survey.  The positive responses from parents to the inspectors also impressed the team, as did all your support in raising attendance - one of our key priorities.

It has been 4 and a half years since I took over as Head at Edgewood and I am so proud of the massive improvements that have taken place over that time.  Without huge contributions from so many staff, governors, parents and, most importantly, children, past and present, this would not have been possible and this school would not be the place it is today.  I’d especially like to thank the senior leadership team of the school (Mr Tidd, Mr Moss, Mr Curtis, Miss Giles, Mrs Bradley and Mrs Mould) for their ideas, drive and determination.  Any comment you read in the report about leadership is not speaking just about me but about the contribution of all of them and their predecessors.  I’d also like to thank every single member of staff who was here for the inspection for their work over the two days and ongoing support in making this school what it is today.

And the most exciting thing is that this is just the start.  We are already looking at some exciting changes ahead in how we work within our school.  Over the coming years we are confident that they will make almost as big a difference to how we operate as the changes you have seen over the last 4 and a half!

Paper copies of the report and this letter will be sent home with all children.

Yours faithfully,
Ed Seeley